Caymen Island Holidays

Getting your married life off to a great start is extremely important. After the frantic few months planning and booking a wedding and making sure you have the perfect worcestershire wedding venues. You might have been romancing with your beloved for a long time, but the first few days after marriage, plays a vital role in creating a special bond between you and your sweetheart. Both of you need to stay in a secluded spot for a couple of days, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Though there are many honeymoon destinations available, none of them offers the serenity that Cayman Islands can provide. Where else on Earth can you find a romantic mixture of pristine white sand beaches overlooking sparkling turquoise coloured sea.

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Tourist locales

Atlantis submarines Explore the mysterious depths of the sea without getting wet. The Atlantis submarines, with a capacity of 48 passengers, take you and your loved one to depths of 100 feet to view underwater canyons, shallow reefs, brilliant tropical fish, and shipwrecks as well... all in air conditioned comfort.

Explore the underwater world

Obviously, you might not find the solitude in the company of others while exploring the underwater kingdom. Why not hire diving gear and explore various types of coral formations, tunnels, grottos, and much more. The transparency of the water allows for excellent visibility during the day.

Cayman turtle farm

The Cayman turtle farm gives you the opportunity of viewing turtles that weight between six ounces to six hundred pounds. Apart from viewing these amazing sea creatures at close quarters, you also have the opportunity of snorkelling and swimming. Do not miss viewing the predator tank, full of eels and sharks.

Q.E II Botanic Park It seems that the Lord paid special attention while creating Cayman Islands. This park, full of flora and fauna, which includes the blue iguana, provides you with an opportunity to stroll along its path along with your sweetheart. If you focus your eyes away from her, you can view agoutis, turtles, snakes, and birds. The lily topped ponds on the sides of the path enhance the beauty of the park.

Little Cayman Tread softly on the white sands while strolling along the glistening beachside. Check the tall palm trees. This sun drenched island, having less than 170 inhabitants, is an ideal spot for honeymooners. It is also famous for its large colony of red footed Boobies. If you so want, you can enjoy snorkelling here as well. Your honeymoon will remain incomplete if you do not visit Little Cayman and explore its miles of untouched tropical beauty.

The National Museum Once both of you have had your fill of beaches and undersea activities spare some time to visit the National Museum. It provides you with information about the history and culture of Cayman Islands. Do not miss the 3D and multimedia displays.

Food and Lodging

The Planata Condominiums Book a room in this condominium for four days and get an extra day's accommodation free. Located close to the seashore, it offers uninterrupted views of the waterfront. This is unlike other hotels, and offers you peace and serenity.

Harbour Heights Located close to the Botanic Gardens, this is the ideal condominium for romantic couples who seek privacy. If you are on the lookout for something exotic, kayak out to Owen Island.

You can book accommodation on both these condominiums through the net.

Restaurants Cayman Islands boasts of a wide range of restaurants and pubs like Bananas Restaurant,' The Bistro,' Birds of Pardise,' and many more. They offer a wide range of dishes including American, British, Caribbean, Indian, and Mexican. However, take this opportunity to visit restaurants like Breadfruit Tree Restaurant,' and Bodden's Roti Shop' that offer local dishes.

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